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We create together <p>Exceptional video content</p>

We create together

Exceptional video content

We create together <p>Exceptional video content</p>

See the online video courses prepared by us in cooperation with outstanding specialists in the field of Chinese medicine, natural medicine and physiotherapy.

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Zespół TCMsklep
Improving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with the Combination Therapy of Acupuncture and Cupping
Acupuncture and cupping therapy is a helpful for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, recent research shows.
Zespół TCMsklep
What is LLLT or Low-Level Laser Therapy?
Low-Level Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment method that uses low-energy lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
Zespół TCMsklep
How to Choose the Right Diffuser or Nebulizer? A Practical Guide
What to Consider When Buying a Diffuser or Nebulizer to Fully Enjoy the Incredible Power of Essential Oils.
Zespół TCMsklep
How to effectively use diffusers and nebulizers for inhaling essential oils?
How to effectively use diffusers and nebulizers to fully harness their aromatherapy potential.
Zespół TCMsklep
How to perform cupping therapy with fire?
Zespół TCMsklep
How do I clean my essential oil nebulizer?
Zespół TCMsklep
Contraindications to the use of the TDP lamp
Zespół TCMsklep
How to use silicone or rubber Chinese cups?
Using Chinese cupping, as silicone or rubber medical cupping is most often referred to, is very easy and we can easily perform such a procedure at home.
Zespół TCMsklep
Types of needles - Chinese and Korean acupuncture needles
When looking for acupuncture needles, have you come across the term Chinese or Korean needles? Have you wondered what that actually means?
Zespół TCMsklep
How to put fireless cups with a pump?
Fireless cupping with a pump is extremely simple. Plastic vacuum cups is a great alternative to traditional fire cupping.

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Shop for therapists is a place that we have created for Chinese medicine, natural medicine and physiotherapy therapists, as well as for their patients and all those who are passionately looking for natural ways to health. We know what you need because we are therapists and people who use the benefits of natural medicine and Chinese medicine!

  Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine therapists will find in our store all the most important accessories for Chinese medicine: acupuncture needles, moxa and moxotherapy accessories, cupping cups, instruments for acupressure and Gua Sha therapy, as well as everything necessary for various other natural therapies: massagers , magnets for magetotherapy, candles for ear candling, Taoist needles, plum blossom needles and accessories for Su Jok, auriculotherapy, cosmetic acupuncture and veterinary acupuncture. is also a place for physiotherapists open to alternative methods. Especially for them, we have prepared needles for dry needling, kinesiotaping tapes, tools for pinotherapy, multi-needle applicators and various devices for exercise and rehabilitation.

We are proud of our products because we test them ourselves, we look for the best producers and the most proven brands, and we listen to the opinions of therapists by carefully selecting our offer!

More than a store

By shopping at, you support our other projects, thanks to which we expand the awareness and knowledge of Chinese medicine in Poland and more! is our online video platform where you will find tons of free content, interviews and lectures, as well as for professionals and enthusiasts of online courses and webinars. is a blog devoted to Chinese and natural medicine, where you will find hundreds of articles written by many eminent specialists, lecturers and practitioners. Acupuncture, moxotherapy, Chinese dietetics, theories and assumptions of Chinese medicine - all these and many more topics can be found on

Shop for patients and health enthusiasts

Being passionate about a healthy lifestyle and a natural approach to health and medicine, we decided that our store will be not only a store for therapists, but also for their patients and all people looking for natural ways to health. We make sure that we have accessories that everyone can use at home, such as self-massage devices, acupressure mats, as well as essential oils based on traditional recipes, herbal ointments and Chinese mushrooms used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. in the form of supplements and dried products.

TCM Bookstore

Do you know that is also the largest online bookstore devoted entirely to Chinese and natural medicine?

In order to enrich the offer of books available on the Polish market, we founded the Holi publishing house. He has published the books "Aurikuloterapia - Therapy of ear points" by R. Nogier and the book "Live well, live long" by P. Deadman.

<p><strong><span style="color:#b31f24;">TCM</span></strong> <span style="color:#222222;">Bookstore</span></p>