Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan - Tincture - 039 Heavenly empress - YaoMedica
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  • Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan - Tincture - 039 Heavenly empress - YaoMedica
  • Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan - Tincture - 039 Heavenly empress - YaoMedica
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Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan - Tincture - 039 Heavenly empress - YaoMedica

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Type: tincture

Based on the recipe: Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan

Alcohol: 42,8 % vol.

Volume: 50 ml

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Product description

Traditional alcoholic tincture based on herbs, inspired by the "Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan " recipe.

Remember that when describing products classified as alcoholic beverages, we cannot suggest that alcohol has medicinal properties. Below, as a curiosity, we describe only the properties of herbs and mushrooms.

Country of manufacture:

Czech Republic


50 ml

"Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan" Recipe

"Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan" is a classic Chinese medicine recipe, the ingredients of which are mainly aimed at nourishing the Yin of the Heart and Kidneys and calming the emotions.

Therefore, they help with such ailments as: heart palpitations caused by anxiety, often occurring after going to sleep, as well as anxiety and irritability, night sweats on the chest, hot flashes, sleep problems and waking up at night, mental overwork, tendency to forget, dry throat and mouth, tendency to constipation, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, hyperthyroidism, emotional instability or menopause.

This recipe was created to treat Heart and Kidney malnutrition in the absence of Yin and Blood. Lack of Yin substance can lead to increased Yang activity, which loses its roots in Yin and floats in the form of Empty Heat. It then disturbs the spirit of Shen and leads to symptoms such as irritability, grief, heart palpitations due to anxiety, night sweats on the chest or hot flashes, insomnia and memory problems. Lack of nutrition, for which Yin substances are responsible, can, on the other hand, lead to fatigue, both mental and physical. Often these are conditions associated with menopause in women and andropause in men, when Yin levels in the body naturally decline. In men, Yin instability can also lead to premature ejaculation or nocturnal ejaculation. The body lacks what would cool and moisturize it, so the resulting Empty Heat or Fire can also manifest itself as dry mouth or sores on the tongue (the tongue is an organ belonging to the Heart). There are also constipation with dry stools.

After replenishing the Yin substance and cooling the Heat, the Shen spirit calms down, concentration, memory and mood improve, and we have a restful sleep and enough energy again.

Ingredients of "Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan" Recipe:

  • Di Huang - rehmannia glutinosa, unmodified root - Rad. rehmaniae
  • Xuan Shen - figwort, root - Rad. scrophulariae ningpoensis
  • Mai Men Dong - Japanese lily of the valley, root - Rad. ophiopogoni
  • Tian Men Dong - asparagus cochinchinensis, tuber - Tub. asparagus cochinchinensis
  • Dang Shen - hairy bellflower, root - Rad. codonopsis pilosulae
  • Fu Ling - coconut leek, sclerotium - Skler. poriae
  • Wu Wei Zi - Schizandra Chinese, fruit - Fruc. schisandrae
  • Dang Gui - Chinese angelica, root - Rad. angelicae sinensis
  • Dan Shen - Red Sage, Root - Rad. salviae
  • Bai Zi Ren - Oriental biota, seed - Sem. biotae orientalis
  • Suan Zao Ren - Jujube, Seed - Sem. ziziphi spinosae
  • Yuan Zhi - crossweed, root - Rad. polygalae tenuifoliae
  • Jie Geng - large-flowered solution, root - Rad. platycode
  • Shi Chang Pu - sweet flag, rhizomes - Rhiz. acori

In Chinese medicine, the principle of using one drop of the herbal preparation per one kilogram of the patient's body weight was used. This dose was halved and applied twice a day by diluting it in water.

YaoMedica herbal tinctures

YaoMedica is a brand offering a very wide range of alcohol-based herbal tinctures. The inspiration for their creation are proven herbal recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, used for over 2000 years. Only the highest quality raw material, cultivated in an ecologically clean environment is used for production. The herbs used do not contain pesticides, heavy metals or any microorganisms.

In Chinese, Yao means "medicinal plant", which can be not only a herb, but also a mineral or mussel. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are most often used in mixtures so that their actions complement each other. It is thanks to their interaction that you can get the desired effect. There are several methods of processing Yao in Chinese phytotherapy. Most often, decoctions are used, boiling the herbs for about 20 minutes. The second form is Wan tablets, i.e. extruding the raw material and pressing it into small balls. On the other hand, tinctures, called "medicinal wines" in ancient China, are the third, equally popular form of developing Yao by the use of alcohol.

Quality and safety

The basis of YaoMedica alcohol tinctures are Chinese mushrooms and herbs. Raw materials of the highest quality are used to create tinctures. In the first stage of production, the dried herbs and mushrooms are ground to a fine powder and then macerated in 50% alcohol for one month. During this time, the macerates are dynamized every day so that the herbs can release their full potential. Tinctures prepared in this way are no longer diluted.

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tcmsklep.pl Reviews with ekomi-pl.com

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