MedoCordyceps - Honey + Cordyceps
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  • MedoCordyceps - Honey + Cordyceps
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MedoCordyceps - Honey + Cordyceps Reviews with

Type: Honey with Chinese mushrooms

Mushroom: Cordyceps

Latin name: Cordyceps sinensis

Weight: 400 g

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High-quality Czech honey made with a use of the natural treasures of traditional Chinese medicine - enriched with Cordyceps mushroom extract - one of the most popular mushrooms in TCM (used to support immune system and generally strengthen the body) and acerola.
Honey is a great food which is beneficial for the body, boosting the immune system and providing a source of important vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


For culinary use
Floral honey from ecological apiaries 
Cordyceps have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries
Acerola is a rich source of Vitamin C.

Cordyceps in Chinese Medicine

Energy: warm
Taste: sweet
Channels entered: Lungs, Kidneys
Cordyceps tonifies Kidney-Yang and Lung-Yin. Augments the essence of the Kidneys. Supports the protective Qi and calms the Mind. Transforms phlegm and stops cough.

Quality & Safety

The mushrooms used for MycoMedica dietary supplements are grown in the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi, untouched by civilization, famous for their unspoiled nature. Mushrooms are tested in laboratories in Germany for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, harmful fungi and radiation to make sure that they are free from them and completely safe for consumers. In the same laboratories the mushrooms are also tested to make sure that they contain only high-quality mushroom polysaccharides, which guarantee their health-promoting properties.



For this honey’s production, it is used flower honey from the Rokytník Bee Farm, from unspoilt, environmentally unique landscape of the Broumovsko PLA, that is, from an area not polluted by industry. It boasts a number of awards, including the Regionální potravina (Regional Food Product) Quality Mark.


Flower honey paste – 95% (country of origin: Czech Republic)

Acerola (Malpighia glabra) - fruit extract 25%, vitamin C - 3%

Cordyceps / Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps sinensis) - fruiting body extract min. 30% polysaccharides - 2%

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