Golden Throat - pastils for throat 12 pcs - gift
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  • Golden Throat - pastils for throat 12 pcs - gift
  • Golden Throat - pastylki na gardło 12 szt.
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Golden Throat - pastils for throat 12 pcs - gift

Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota
Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara

Ingredients: cane sugar, honeysuckle, menthol, eucalyptus oil, luohan fruit, mandarin, anise oil

Quantity of pastils: 12 pieces

Type: pastils

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Product description

Golden Throat pastils are the most commonly used throat lozenges in China. The Golden Throat formula was invented by the famous Chinese biologist Prof. Wang Yaofa and developed by Guangxi Golden Throat Co., Ltd.

Through many years of practice in traditional Chinese medicine and based on the theory of cytology, prof. Wang has developed a formula of an effective lozenge perfect for people suffering from various ailments of the throat. Golden Throat is made of high-quality herbal ingredients such as honeysuckle, menthol, luohan fruit and many other Chinese herbs.

In addition to protecting the throat, the Golden Throat lozenge effectively clears the voice and eliminates bad breath.


Jin Yin Hua - honeysuckle, flower - Lonicera confusa DC. - 16 mg

Bo He You - menthol - Oleum Menthae - 6 mg

An Shu You - eucalyptus oil - Oleum Eucalypti - 3 mg

Luo Han Guo - Luo Han fruit - Fructus Momordicae - 1,7 mg

Ju Hong - mandarin peel - Exocarpium Citri Rubrum - 1,7 mg

Hui Xiang You - anise oil - Oleum Foeniculi - 18 µg

Gan Zhe - cane sugar


 Ingredients of the Golden Throat pastils are a daily diet supplement for people who:

  • - stay in dry, heated or air-conditioned rooms,
  • - work with voice - especially teachers, singers, speakers, presenters,
  • - stay in conditions of variable humidity and sudden temperature fluctuations,
  • - do sports - often breathing through the mouth,
  • - are in contact with cigarette smoke,
  • - with a feeling of dry mouth,
  • - with hoarseness,
  • - with strained vocal cords.


  • - immediate relief
  • - long-lasting effects
  • - fresh breath
  • - easier breathing

Use for:

  • - a hoarse voice
  • - sore throat
  • - dry cough
  • - pharyngeal congestion
  • - bad breath


Not more than 6 pastils a day.

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