Trating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine
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  • Trating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine
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Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine Reviews with

Autor: CT Holman

Wydawnictwo: Singing Dragon

Rok wydania: 2018

Liczba stron: 384

Oprawa: Twarda

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Integrated Diagnostic ad Treatment Strategies

Opis książki

Emotional trauma comprises an unavoidable part of the human experience. An unprocessed traumatic event can remain in the tissue memory, which affects the body's physiology and ultimately weakens the organ/channel systems. CT Holman identifies and describes the various diagnostic signs that indicate stored trauma (using facial, channel palation, pulse, tongue, and intuitive diagnosis). This book specifically demonstrates successful Chinese medicine treatments (acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, qigong, nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications, shamanic drumming, and meditations) to transform emotional trauma and reduce the impact from future traumatic experiences.

Accessible to both the student and seasoned practitioner alike, this is a journey of identifying, treating, and curtailing the effects of trauma to unlock the brilliant potential of the human spirit.

O autorze

CT Holman has over 15 years of experience of practicing Chinese medicine and runs a busy practice in Salem, Oregon. He trained in China and studied in-depth with several teachers in the field. CT teachers internationally.

Spis treści

Chapter 1: Introduction to Emotional Trauma

  1. Causes of Emotional Trauma
  2. The Physiology, Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma
  3. Triggering of the Trauma Memory
  4. Shamanism, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
  5. Transforming Emotional Trauma and Fulfilling Destiny

Chapter 2: Diagnostic Methods

  1. Five Element Diagnosis
  2. Water Element
  3. Wood Element
  4. Fire Element
  5. Earth Element
  6. Metal Element
  7. Summary of Five Element Diagnosis
  8. Facial Diagnosis
  9. Jing Level
  10. Qi Level
  11. Shen Level
  12. Summary of Facial Diagnosis
  13. Channel Palpation
  14. Arm Tai Yin Channel - Lung
  15. Leg Tai Yin Channel - Spleen
  16. Arm Shao Yin Channel - Heart
  17. Leg Shao Yin Channel - Kidney
  18. Arm Jue Yin Channel - Pericardium
  19. Leg Jue Yin Channel - Liver
  20. Arm Tai Yang Channel - Small Intenstine
  21. Leg Tai Yang Channel - Urinary Bladder
  22. Arm Shao Yang Channel - Gallbladder
  23. Arm Yang Ming Channel - Large Intestine
  24. Leg Yang Ming Channel - Stomach
  25. Ren Channel - Conception Vessel
  26. Du Mai - Governing Vessel
  27. Summary of Channel Palpation
  28. Pulse Diagnosis
  29. General Pulse Diagnosis Information
  30. Specific Pulse Qualities and Presentations
  31. Summary of Pulse Diagnosis
  32. Tongue Diagnosis
  33. General Tongue Diagnosis Information
  34. Specific Tongue Signs Relating to Emotional Trauma
  35. Summary of Tongue Diagnosis
  36. Intuiuing the Five Spirits
  37. Zhi
  38. Hun
  39. Shen
  40. Yi
  41. Po
  42. Summary of Intuiting the Five Spirits
  43. Summary of Diagnostic Methods

Chapter 3: Treatment Methods (Primary and Secondary)

  1. Primary Treatment Methods
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches
  4. Moxibustion
  5. Bloodletting
  6. Cupping Therapy
  7. Chinese Herbal Formulas
  8. Shamanic Qigong, Visualizations and Meditations
  9. Chinese Medicine Nutrition
  10. Sleep Hygiene
  11. Shamanic Drumming
  12. Secondary Treatment Methods
  13. Emotional Freedom Technique
  14. Affirmations
  15. Flower Essences
  16. Essential Oils
  17. Summary of the Various Treatment Methods

Chapter 4: Differentiation of Symptoms

  1. Treatment Protocol
  2. Treatment Protocols One and Two: Treating the Shock of the Trauma and Its Memory
  3. Shock and Reliving the Trauma Memory
  4. Treatment Protocol Three: Differentiating the Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Symptoms of Trauma
  5. Emotional Symptoms
  6. Fear
  7. Anger
  8. Depression
  9. Anxiety
  10. Worry
  11. Grief
  12. Mood Swings
  13. Summary of the Emotional Symptoms
  14. Behavioral Symptoms
  15. Avoidance / Disassociation
  16. Negative Thinking
  17. Self-Destructive Actions
  18. Summary of the Behavioral Symptoms
  19. Physical Symptoms
  20. Insomnia
  21. Panic Attacks
  22. Emotional Reactivity
  23. Fatigue
  24. Poor Concentration
  25. Body Pains
  26. Senosry Organ Impairment
  27. Summary of Differentiating the Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Symptoms of Trauma

Chapter 5: Prevention of Emotional Trauma

  1. Trauma as a Vehicle for Transformation
  2. Determining the Trauma Cycle and Faulty Belief Systems
  3. Transforming the Perception of an Emotional Trauma
  4. Addictions to Trauma
  5. Opening the Third Eye
  6. Unresolved Emotional Trauma Affects Future Generations
  7. Zheng Qi and Four Corrects
  8. Lifestyle and Dietary Changes to Transcend Future Trauma
  9. Summary of Prevention of Emotional Trauma

Chapter 6: Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine Joining Hands

  1. The Trauma Brain Triad
  2. Conventional Western Medical Treatment Approaches
  3. Alternative Treatments Utilized in Western Medical Settings
  4. Parallels of Treatment Approaches
  5. Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Working in Harmony
  6. Summary of Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine Joining Hands

Chapter 7: Case Studies

  1. Case 1: 58-Year-Old Female Transcended Feeling Unsafe in the World
  2. Case 2: 57-Year-Old Female Released from the Trauma Memory of Late Husband's Suicide
  3. Case 3: 60-Year-Old Female Conquered Her Fear
  4. Case 4: 36-Year-Old Female Restored Her Motivation
  5. Case 5: 59-Year-Old Male Realized His Self-Assurance
  6. Case 6: 78-Year-Old Female Returned to the Source
  7. Summary of the Case Studies
  • Appendix 1: Eight Limbs of Chinese Medicine
  • Appendix 2: Clear Broth Soups
  • Appendix 3: Suggested Resources
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