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  • Chińska bańka szklana – rozmiar 2
  • Chinese glass cupping cup – size 1
  • Chinese glass cupping cup – size 1
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Chinese glass cupping cup – size 1 Reviews with

Base diameter - inner:  3 cm

Base diameter - outer: 4,5 cm

Hight: 6 cm

Size signature: 1

Material: glass

Type: fire

Application: cupping, therapeutic massage

Product code: B61


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Product description

The height of the glass cup with size 1 is 6 cm, the inner diameter of the cup mouth is 3 cm, and the maximum outer diameter of the cup is 4,5 cm.

Glass cup Features

The glass cup is made of tempered glass that is resistant to high temperature. The cup is firm, durable and comfortable for various kinds of cupping manipulations.

The design of preventing slipping on the outer surface of the cup makes your hand easily and safely hold the cup.


The glass cup is made by Beijing Zhongyan Taihe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. in China. ZYTH is devoted to the complete solution of TCM instruments.

Flash-fire method of cupping therapy

Flash-fire method is commonly used for heating a cup during fire cupping. The following is the steps of the method.

  1. Take a stick with a cotton ball or take a cotton ball through tweezers or forceps, dip the cotton ball in alcohol, and make sure that no alcohol is dropping before burning it.
  2. One hand holds the stick or the tweezers (forceps), and the other hand holds a glass cup while keeping the cup mouth down.
  3. Put the burning cotton ball into the cup, and rotate the fire around the centre space inside the cup for one or two circles according to the size of the cup and therapeutic need. Be careful not to heat the cup mouth for avoiding the burn of the skin.
  4. Take the cotton ball out, and rapidly put the cup mouth on the cupping position. Negative pressure generated by cooled air in the cup makes the cup suck the skin.

After cupping therapy, you may press the skin near the cup and softly remove the cup. Reviews with

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