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Autism and Acupuncture
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  • Autism and Acupuncture
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Autism and Acupuncture

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Autor: Dr. Julian Scott

Wydawnictwo: Portway Press

Rok wydania: 2017

Liczba stron: 140

Oprawa: Miękka

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Opis książki

For the first time, a clear description of the unique perspective of Chinese medicine on autism, how it develops, and how (and when) it can be helped. The unusual ideas are presented in a way that parents can easily understand, while, at the same time providing enough detail for the experienced practitioner.

This book is for parent nad practitioner, and is written to help autistic children and their parents. It explains the broad vision of Chinese medicine, and how it incorporates all aspects of life - joy and sadness, energy and exhaustion, enthusiasm and boredom. The parent will find a clear explenation of the many factors which contribute to autism, and will find that it is not so mysterious after all. It is not something which comes out of the blue, from nowhere. The practitioner will find enough detail to enable effective support and treatment when appropriate.

Chinese mdicine is not confined to (plant-based) drug therapy to the extent that orthodox Western medicine is. The practice is truly holistic. It includes acupuncture, physiotherapy (under the name Tui-na), remedial exercises (under the name Qigong), meditation practices, diet, lifestyle and more. All these different branches of medicine are integrated in the sense that a single diagnosis is relevant across the whole compass of therapies. For example there are restaurants in China where you can order a meal (which is both delicious and therapeutic) based on a diagnosis that you obtained from your doctor.

Opis w języku polskim

Książka jest pierwszym jasnym i pełnym opisem autyzmu z perspektywy medycyny chińskiej, tego jak się rozwija oraz jaką (i kiedy) zastosować pomoc. Niezwyczajne sposoby zaprezentowane są w sposób, który z łatwością zrozumieją rodzice, a jednocześnie na tyle szczegółowy, aby skorzystali na nim doświadczeni terapeuci.

Spis treści

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1 Patterns of the Spectrum
  3. Some concepts of Chinese medicine
  4. Chapter 2 The mind, Shen, and its Working
  5. Shen
  6. What is special about autistic children?
  7. Chapter 3 - The Patterns in more Detail
  8. Heat Pattern
  9. Exhaustion - Weak Qi
  10. Qi Blocked in the head
  11. Echo Disease
  12. Brain Damage
  13. Chapter 4 - The Causes
  14. Heat
  15. Exhaustion
  16. Qi Blocked in the head
  17. Echo diseases
  18. Brain Damage
  19. Fear
  20. Chapter 5 - Help at Hand
  21. Treatments and Results
  22. Acupuncture and Related Methods
  23. Difficulties in Treatment
  24. Other Treatment Methods
  25. Treating the Individual Imbalances
  26. Heat
  27. Exhaustion
  28. Qi Blocked in the Head
  29. Echo Disease
  30. Brain Damage
  31. Fear
  32. Behaviour
  33. Chapter 6 Some Common Symptoms
  34. Explanation and Treatment
  35. Chapter 7 - Self-help
  36. Diet
  37. Other ways to help
  38. Appendix - Needle Technique
  39. Resources
Chinese medicine
Children's health
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