Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine
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  • Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine
  • Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine
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Philosophical and Clinical Tools in Chinese Medicine Reviews with

Autor: Aram Tzaying

Rok wydania: 2011

Liczba stron: 62

Oprawa: Twarda

Product code: A28


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Opis książki

This unusual project presents the philosophy of Chinese medicine using nearly 120 diagrams and tables. The first art of the book explains the concepts of Chinese medicine in numerical order, from one to twelve. The second part contains tables and diagrams that are useful for clinical work.

This book is meant for students and practitioners at all levels.

The result is a source that is simple, direct, practical, and thought-provoking.

Spis treści

  1. Phases
    Sheng Cycle
    Ke Cycle
    Like Qi
  2. Date of Birth - "Stems and Branches" Map
    Unlike Qi - Stem
    Unlike Qi - Branch
    Missing Organs
    The Four Possibilities
  3. Daily Cycle - Flow of Qi
    Sheng Cycle
    The Three Yin/Yang Leg/Arm
    Balance Vertical and Horizontal Axises
  4. Seasonal Qi
    Same Seasonal Qi
    Seasonal Qi - Sheng Cycle
  5. Divisions and Climates
    Same Division
    Division - Sheng Cycle
    Division - Ke Cycle
  6. TMM and Divergent Meridians
    Push and Pull Techniqe
  7. Groups of Points
    Quality (Element) Points
    Ancient Shu Points
    Source (Yuan) Points
    Cleft (Xi) Points
    Alarm (Mu) Points
    Gui Points
    The Eight Meeting Points
    Back Shu Points
    Window of Heaven Points
  8. Heaven - Earth - Man
  9. Open Hourly System
  10. The Eight Extra Meridians
  11. Fu Xi
  12. King Wen
  13. Cranial Nerves
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