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E-Course about Cupping Massage based on the Meridian System
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  • E-Course about Cupping Massage based on the Meridian System
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E-Course about Cupping Massage based on the Meridian System

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Author: Magdalena Sroka

Video Length: 3 h

PDF Book: 45 pages

For: Acupuncturists, TCM therapists, physiotherapists, naturopathic therapists

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Chinese cupping massage based on the meridian system is a health-promoting massage. It can be used by both people who want to take care of their health and people who are struggling with certain ailments. Meridian massage is great for people who are very stressed - e.g. those who perform a stressful job, as well as for people suffering from back pain or various muscle pains. Meridian massage is a universal way that allows you to adjust the treatment to the needs of each patient.

The course is in Polish.

Course Trailer

Watch the course and get started!

The course is suitable for both professional therapists, who are looking for new, effective and fast-resulting therapies, and people who want to perform massage at home for their own needs.

The course will guide you step by step, starting from the basics, through everything you need to know about meridian massage with the use of Chinese cups.

The theoretical part of the course tells the knowledge of the meridian system, cups for massage, and the role of meridian massage in the broader sense of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The practical part, which is the main part of the course, presents different techniques and manipulations used in cupping massage. The course tells fascia massage, massage for Du Mai, massage for the Bladder Channel and the Small Intestine Channel, massage for the spine and lumbar region, as well as anti-cellulite massage.

Contents of the online course

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to the course

1.1 Author - Magdalena Sroka

1.2 How to use the course

CHAPTER 2: Meridian massage in theory

2.1 Contraindications to meridian massage

2.2. Work tools - silicone cups

2.3 Work tools - oils

2.4 The issue of ecchymosis

2.5 How does meridian massage work?

CHAPTER 3: Meridian massage in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3.1 Meridian massage in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3.2 Meridian system

CHAPTER 4: Meridian massage in practice

4.1 Preparation for massage

4.2 Selection of cups

4.3 Techniques of cupping - traditional cupping

4.4 Techniques of cupping - fascia massage

4.5 Therapeutic purpose of meridian massage

4.6 Massage for the acupoint DU14 (Du Mai)

4.7 Massage for the Bladder Channel and the spine region

4.8 Massage for the Small Intestine Channel

4.9 Massage for the lumbar region

4.10 End of massage

CHAPTER 5: Massage of fascial adhesions

5.1 Breaking the fascial adhesions

CHAPTER 6: Anti-cellulite massage

6.1 Anti-cellulite massage for hip

6.2 Anti-cellulite massage for thigh

CHAPTER 7: Extras

7.1 Gua Sha for the common cold

7.2 The method of Prof. Garnuszewski on immunity

How to buy the course

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You can also do it through the website holiapp.me and follow the instructions. And you can find a free example lesson at holiapp.me.

About the author

Magdalena Sroka

  • Certified physiotherapist
  • Enthusiast of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Student of the TOMO Gdańsk school

Magdalena Sroka completed a lot of specialist courses, including orthopedic seminar, skull acupuncture in neurological diseases, Chinese dietetics, women’s health nursing based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and many other skill development courses for diagnosis and patient care.

Chinese medicine
Holistic medicine
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