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  • zestawy baniek kosmetycznych
  • zestawy baniek kosmetycznych
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Silicone cupping set - cosmetic

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2x Chinese cup 8 cm hight and 2 cm diameter
2x Chinese cup 5 cm height and 0,7 cm diameter
Storage pouch included

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Silicone Vacuum Cup Set

The silicone vacuum cup set includes four silicone cups with two sizes. The cups are made of medical silicone, which brings comfortable cupping experience. The silicone cup set is light, durable and easy to carry without any risk of breaking or squashing.

Easy to use for vacuum cupping

The use of a silicone cup does not require fire or a pump. You just need to squeeze the cup and put the cup mouth on the skin. Negative pressure will make the cup suck the skin. And it is also very easy to remove a silicone cup.

Preferred for cosmetic cupping

In addition to traditional cupping, a silicone cup is especially suitable for cosmetic cupping. It is often applied to facial cupping for anti-cellulite and skin tightening.

Adapted to more parts of the body

Because of the softness and flexibility of silicone, a silicone cup is adapted to more parts of the body. A silicone cup can be easily used for cupping on a part that is not flat, such as a joint.

Contents of the set

  • 2 x silicone cups with 8 cm height and 2 cm inner diameter
  • 2 x silicone cups with 5 cm height and 0,7 cm inner diameter
  • 1 x storage bag

Available colors

  • purple
  • pink
  • blue 
  • transparent 
  • green
tcmsklep.pl Reviews with ekomi-pl.com

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