Moksa bezdymna – 4 mm – 70 szt.
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  • Moksa bezdymna – 4 mm – 70 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 4 mm – 70 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 4 mm – 70 szt.
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Smokeless Moxa Stick – 4 mm

Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota Gwziazdka złota
Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara

Type: smokeless

Age: 1,5 years

Quantity in the pack.: 70 pcs

Form: stick

Diameter: 4 mm

Length: 12 cm

Weight without a package: 110 g

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Product description

Smokeless moxa with a small diameter. Smokeless moxa stick stimulates acupuncture points with a heat. Moxa stick can be used by holding it in hand or with tweezers, although the best way for the application of this kind of moxa sticks is with rolling tiger warmers. Smokeless moxa emites very little smoke because the process of the production of it is similar to the production of charcoal.


  • diameter: 4 mm 

  • length: 120 mm (12 cm)

When is Moxatherapy applied?

Moxatherapy, also known as moxibustion or thermopuncture, is a traditional Chinese medicine procedure that involves heating acupuncture points with the help of burning moxa. Heating the points in a specific way is designed to stimulate the flow of Qi vital energy in the meridians: unblocking its stagnation, dispersing excesses or harmonizing disturbances. Moxatherapy is sometimes used as a supplement to acupuncture, but it can also be successfully used separately.

How to apply Moxa Sticks?

Smokeless moxa stick is put into a special brass rolling tiger warmer which is used to heat specific acupuncture points or specific areas of the body. The moxa stick with a diameter of 4 mm fits small tiger warmers (marked as 6 mm). Alternatively, combusting moxa can be held in hand directly a few centimeters from the selected acupuncture point. Because the smokeless moxa doesn't emit intense smoke or smell it can be used in closed rooms.

Type of moxa
Kind of moxa
1,5 years
Diameter of moxa
4 mm
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