Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
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  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
  • Moksa bezdymna – 14 mm - 5 szt.
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Smokeless Moxa stick - with a hole - 14 mm Reviews with

Type: smokeless

Age: 1,5 years

Quantity in the pack.: 5 pcs

Form: stick

Diameter: 14 mm

Length: 110 mm 

Hole: yes

Product code: C48


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ZYTH Smokeless Moxa Stick - 14 mm x 110 mm, with a Hole

The moxa stick is processed with carbonization for smoke elimination. You may hold a moxa stick directly by hand, or put it into a rolling tiger warmer.

Caution! The moxa stick has a hole through the center. When extinguishing it with water, be careful of water vapor that may escape through the hole.


Size of a moxa stick: 14 mm (diameter) x 110 mm (length)

5 pieces per package


The moxa stick is made by Beijing Zhongyan Taihe Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. in China. The company provides complete solutions of TCM instruments.

What is moxa

The raw material of moxa is called Chinese mugwort (Artemisia argyi). In China, around the Duanwu Festival, which is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, it is traditionally the best time to pick the leaves of Chinese mugwort. After drying, the leaves are stored in a shady and ventilated place for making the quality of moxa satisfy the needs of moxibustion. Before making moxa products, dried mugwort leaves are processed into fine and soft fibers, which are called moxa floss.

Effects of moxibustion

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese external therapy. Huang Di Nei Jing, the most important theoretical work of TCM, describes the importance of moxibustion as “the problems that acupuncture cannot solve are the advantages of moxibustion”. Moxibustion warms meridians, strengthens Yang and makes Qi run smoothly, as well as gets rid of blood stasis, pathogenic cold and pathogenic dampness. The therapeutic effects of burning smokeless moxa are from heat and infrared radiation.

Type of moxa
Kind of moxa
1,5 years
Diameter of moxa
14 mm Reviews with

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