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Acupoint Dictionary 2nd edition
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  • Acupoint Dictionary 2nd edition
  • Acupoint Dictionary 2nd edition
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Acupoint Dictionary 2nd edition

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Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara Gwziazdka szara

Autor: David Hartmann

Rok wydania: 2009

Liczba stron: 216

Oprawa: miękka

Wydawnictwo: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

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Traditional Chinese medicine treatments for 85 patterns of disharmony and 1000 signs and symptoms

Opis książki

Acupoint Dictionary is a quick reference guide for acupuncture students and qualified practitioners provides acupuncture treatments for 1000 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Actions, and Western signs, symptoms and disease states. Treatments are listed alphabetically, and most conditions are covered - from the most common signs and symptoms like neck pain to rarer and more chronic ones like Raynaud’s phenomenon. TCM Actions incorporate "Liver Yang Rising", "Sanjiao", "Qi Stagnation", etc – they are the cornerstone of any treatment planned by a TCM practitioner and are an important inclusion to this new edition. The remaining disorders are Western signs/symptoms/disease states, as well as treatment principles to adopt in certain situations. Basic signs and symptoms include memory loss and headache, disease states include hepatitis and irritable bowel syndrome, and treatment principles include inducing labour and reducing lactic acid build-up. Each of the 1000 disorders is presented with TCM Actions (referenced), main acupoints (referenced), secondary acupoints, and additional notes necessary to better understand the condition.

O Autorze

David Hartmann is a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health (ECNH), Australia. He is Director and Owner of 4 Little Monkeys Pty Ltd, a Fellow 5+ at Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and a member of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA).

Spis treści

  1. From the Author
  2. What's in This Book
  3. Abbereviations
  4. Contradictions and Cautions
  5. Patterns of Dysharmony
    Gall Bladder Patterns
    Heart Patterns
    Kidney Patterns
    Large Intestine Patterns
    Liver Patterns
    Lung Patterns
    Pericardium Patterns
    Sanjiao Patterns
    Small Intestine Patterns
    Spleen Patterns
    Stomach Patterns
    Urinary Bladder Patterns
  6. TCM Actions and Western Signs , Symptoms and Disease States
  7. Appendices
  8. Bibliography
  9. Channel and Point Diagrams
Chinese medicine
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